Traditional Home Decor

Decor is the part of human nature. It is not about the home alone, we like to make up ourselves even, to look different. Home is always significant in our lives and we like to make them comfortable, different and attractive. There are many styles popular in this regard. With the changing times, we see new things and styles in home decor. Usually people love modern designs and styles. In spite of this, the lovers of traditional home decor are also present in the world.

Traditional designs are usually calm and there is nothing wild or chaotic about these designs. Over the years, these designs and styles have gained appreciation from a number of people. A trendy look may have difference of opinion. But as far as traditional home décor is concerned, there is no such air of differences. They might seem retro and outdated but always retain their classiness. However, it should be kept in mind that traditional designs are best suited for places that are spacious. It means that it is not only the style and articles of furniture that count to give your home a traditional look, you should also be mindful about its spaces. But the new style is to mix traditional and modern for your interior.

Traditional home décor can be seen with respect to different cultures but the main theme of traditional home décor is its retro style and casualness. Traditional designs can be inspired with French, Spanish, Arabic, Mughal art of decor. Every culture, country, city exhibits its own tradition that can be seen in its interior too.

Basically a traditional design would suit any age group but it doesn’t have a place for any modern piece of art. Most of the things are retro and antiquities. Furniture pieces in it are mostly reproductions even the smallest details such as a flower vase are classic and antique to make it fit into the picture.

Starting with the sofas or chairs, they are mostly of classic style and have understated details. It is functional, comfortable and non fussy. The edges are smooth and blend into the picture. In traditional home décor, the curtains used are neither shiny nor textured or printed. They are mostly of the plain colors, or use understated strips and small overall patterns in them.

Color in a traditional home décor is either very dark or very light but can also use multi-color floral. Lightest color is usually used on the walls and deeper hues for flooring. Avoid neon bright combinations. The overall ambiance of traditional decor is homey, understated, and non-jarring. As in formal settings, furniture in a traditional room is often arranged on straight axis within the room. In traditional home décor, the sofa will directly face or sit perpendicular to the fireplace and a bed will back up to the center of the longest bedroom wall.

Traditional home décor is appreciated a lot for its antique look. It can impress your visitors about your taste. The traditional furniture and colors of curtains impart to your home most charismatic look.

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